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How to make an appointment

On the schedule page, click on any available white box. When you book a meeting, you'll receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link you can use to find your tutor online at the time of your appointment.

If you'd like to discuss a draft with your Writing Partner (not required), please upload it—full, partial, whatever you have!—at least two hours before your appointment. To upload your draft: log into the scheduler, open your appointment (yellow box), and follow the directions for adding an attachment. Your Writing Partner will read your draft prior to your meeting.

We also welcome last-minute, "drop-in" appointments. Do not hesitate to sign-up for an appointment that starts in only a few minutes. If the appointment appears as a white square on the schedule, then a Writing Partner is available and happy to meet with you!

If a Writing Partner has no appointments on their shift (i.e. all white boxes), please schedule a meeting with them before booking with someone who already has reservations. This will get you a fresher reader and ensure that our tutors' work is evenly spread out. 

Please only make appointments you know you can keep. If you must cancel, please do so online at least 12 hours before your appointment. Nobody likes a no-show, so please don’t be one.

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